Emerging Business
Pastry Kitchen When it comes to self indulgence, only the best will do. Once established, our Pastry Kitchen will offer only the most exquisite cakes and pastries, breads as well as biscuits made from fresh ingredients and unique baking methods. With a wide array of freshly baked flaky pastries, rich tarts and light fluffy breads supplied to existing and new food outlets, our Pastry Kitchen will take the market by storm, fulfilling a ready demand for our delicious pastries and cakes among Maldivians.
Central Kitchen With our extensive network in F&B businesses, consistency in quality is of paramount importance. It is no secret that our success is the result of the best practices in the F&B industry that we adhere to. From the sauce to the setting, menu, presentation, ingredients and theme, no details are spared in creating the perfect outcome for our diners. The establishment of our Central Kitchen will further accentuate our quality control, ensuring consistent quality at all times for all our current and upcoming F&B businesses.
Wings Brand Outlet Over the years, we have established a sound reputation in the management and consultancy of F&B businesses. We are ready to move on to the next level with our own brand outlet through franchising. The Wings franchising model will enhance the distinctive Maldivian experience in Maldives and worldwide, sharing and spreading our knowledge around the world.