Core Business

Mariyaad Domestic (Hulhule’)

Our brand “Mariyaad” has evolved over the past 17 years to meet the needs of our Guests and to bring energy to life in our restaurants. Located at the Domestic Terminal of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Mariyaad Domestic (Hulhule’) was established in 2013 and is the prime location of choice for travellers or visitors alike.

With the rebranding of Mariyaad as “Mariyaad Domestic”, this will bring our customer to see the evolution of our brand in new and exciting ways; offering a wide choice of cuisines from all around the world. Our brands are famous for its comfortable, cozy ambience and delicious food and beverage providing value for money to our customers.

Moreover, Mariyaad Domestic provides 24-hour services and has a floor area of 2500 square feet and accommodates 125 customers on a standard basis.